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Celebrating Mumbai Food Blogger’s Day with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

The Mumbai Food Blogger’s form a versatile group of people from different backgrounds sharing a common passion for food.

Mumbai Food Bloggers with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Food writing, restaurant/product reviews, food styling, food photography, food consulting, cooking workshops are topics of interest on which you will usually find the members in their element.

6th November, we marked this day as the Mumbai Food Blogger’s Day. Thrilled as we all were to be invited by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his team to celebrate this day with them. Undeniably, this has been the best ever Food Blogger’s Meet so far.

The Chef is in the Kitchen!

We were in for a cook and chat session. Almost all of us were star stuck and with mounted eagerness to learn form the man who has spent years bringing a modern outlook towards Indian cuisine.

From here on, I summarize my key learnings from our rendezvous.

Creating an aura:
A spectacular dish produced is not just about tasty food. It needs an aura surrounding it, to be presented as a complete package that influences all the senses. The aroma, the flavours, the textures, of the dish together create an experience in itself.

Mushroom Risotto filled Puris with Tomato and Basil soup shots

Science and Art of cooking:
There is an underlying science when it comes to cooking. Like how gluten works in the dough to result in softer chapatis. One may or may not be able to explain the science. One needs to understand the science of cooking to then make it an art.

Focus on ‘art’ or beautifying a dish without understanding the science can have adverse effects on the resulting output.

Understanding ingredients:
Understand the use of ingredients. We have fixed associations in mind and recognise the ingredient by its association with a dish in which it is most commonly used.

For example, cardamom, the first thing that comes to mind will be to create a dessert. However, cardamom in itself has a distinct flavour. It is necessary to distinguish flavours of the ingredients in isolation.

Understand it in depth and detail, its preparation and taste. Learn its impact on the palate. Salt is used to add taste, a little more or less can affect the taste of the dish drastically.

Puris filled with Chocolate pearls with Vanilla coffee shots

Break the rules:
Do something differently, learn something new.
More importantly, to create something, always have an open mind.

Jamun Bhapa Doi

Wrapping up the session, Chef Sanjeev and his team spead out a lavish lunch for us.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to Rushina for organizing this for us.

Rushina M Ghildiyal with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

P.S: Wanted to mention a little note stating what Rushina says about Food Blogger’s

Its important to understand that Food bloggers, do what they do out of passion on their time, at their expense & should be recognized as such.
They are not freeloaders who will write for free meals or a way to placate a client when print media does not carry your brand.


Mumbai Food Blogger’s Meet – Potluck dinner and learning about Street Smart

When Foodies meet there is bound to be good food involved and a potluck is even more so exciting. Everyone gets a dish or two and we all share it like one big happy family. So when Rushina invited me, I was raring to go! Another big reason being this time it was hosted at the A Perfect Bite cook studio and I’ve been longing to go there for sometime now.

The cook studio is like a dream kitchen that inspires every cook.

With state-of-the-art equipment, ingredients from far and wide, admirable trainers and the always smiling and genuinely helpful staff, this place offers an experience that goes beyond just teaching you how to cook.

A Perfect Bite cook studio was started and is managed by the ‘perfect couple’ Rushina and Shekhar.

apb team

Rushina and Shekhar with the APB Team

This time the Foodies came together for a cause. Street Smart, India is a fund raising group that partners with restaurants, the funds raised are then given out to NGO’s that have difficulty raising funds on their own. This is not done throughout the year, only during the holiday season i.e. between Nov 1st – Dec 31st’ 12.

The model works something like this:- You go to the Partner restaurant and pay for your meal. An extra fixed amount (may be Rs.5 or Rs.10) as decided between the Partner restaurant and Street Smart, India is charged per meal and included in your bill. You can opt out of it. The money collected by the partner restaurant is handed over to Street Smart, who in turn give this to the NGO’s. Street Smart also audits the NGO’s on the usage of funds. All details regarding Funds collected and utilized will be put up on their website to ensure transparency.

Allan D’Mello and Aditya Malhotra of Street Smart, India.


The lovely Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal

Rushina – and


L to R: Amrita, Rithika, Megha, Pushpa.

While I had met Megha and Pushpa before, I got to meet Amrita (of #GlamFood) and Rithika for the first time.
Amrita – Life Ki Recipe
Rithika – Vegan On The Prowl
Megha – I2Cook
Pushpa – Papad Chai

food bloggers

Nonchalant Nikhil, Chef Clinton Cooper and Harini were also present.
Nikhil – Nonchalant Gourmand
Chef Clinton Cooper – Food Bites Back
Harini – Tongue Ticklers

Vinda Dravid

Vinda – Lett’uce Eat

The Mumbai Food Bloggers met after quite sometime. Although I missed some of them, I got an opportunity to meet a few new members and eat a lot of good food. About the food, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! 😉

Pizza getting ready.


MIrchi Pakoda

Achari Chicken Bharta

Sautéed Sausages and potatoes


Vegan Pizza

Quinoa salad

Beetroot and Corn Salad

Chicken Curry

Thai chicken curry

Au gratin

Vegan Carrot Cupcakes


There were a few more on the list. Nikhil had got Tom Yum Soup and Harini brought Roasted cherry tomatoes, baby carrots & red bell peppers soup. Unfortunately, I do not have the Pics to put up.

I took a few pics before I gave up and started drooling instead 😉

Pics credit: Suvajeet Duttagupta – Lucid Illusions

A Perfect Bite Cook Studio
Twitter: @APBCookStudio

Street Smart, India
Twitter: @StSmrtIn

Mumbai Food Bloggers