A nutritious snack – Dates and Oats Laddoos

date and oats ladoos

When it comes to eating, we’re a set of evolved paletes or should I say food connoisseurs. We can nonchalantly boast of our capabilities to distinguish what type of cheese goes in our pizza from what type of cheese goes in our cheesecake, each time emphasizing on flavours, as we try analyzing each meal.

With Masterchefs making a foray in our lives, conscious efforts are put towards mastering cooking techniques & plate presentations. And after doling out a fantastic feast and letting our food bask in its drool-worthy instagrammed spotlight, the question still remains – Sure it’s tasty & looks scrumptious; but is it nutritious?

I think about the days when I was in college. There was a lot of energy even at the end of the day to still go out and conquer the world. But today I find it difficult to even move a chair without grumbling about the aches. Sure you can go ahead and call it signs of aging; but it has also given me the wisdom to understand that while my focus is on good food, I must not completely ignore nutrition.

At different stages in life, our body has different nutritional needs. But are we willing to cater to it or simply choose to sooth our taste buds? While I speak of nutrition, I do not mean following stern or fancy diets. Nor am I suggesting having only home cooked meals as much to my dismay, I know, a lot of nutrition is lost in our faulty cooking practices. I merely wish to draw your attention to having well balanced wholesome meals. I am trying it out myself this month. Because the last thing I want is getting some Vitamin D shots!

Putting in some effort in that direction, today, I decided to make something healthy to snack on. While at work, post lunch around tea time I feel like snacking and I’ve decided to reduce munching on junk as much as I can and instead have something healthy like these Date and Oats Laddoos.

Dates and Oats Laddoo
Recipe source: Saffola Oats (Makes 25-30 ladoos)

100 gms oats
100 gms poppy seeds (khus khus)
200 gms peanuts (coarsely ground)
200 gms seedless dates
1 tbsp ghee

1. Dry roast the oats, poppy seeds seperately for 2-3 mins each. Allow it to cool.
2. Mix all the ingredients together and roll into small balls.
3. Store in an airtight container.


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