Summer coolers to beat the heat, desi style!

Indian summers can get really mean. Being closer to the equator means it is bound to get really hot. But with temperatures soaring above 35 degrees Celsius, it just requires a lot of self restrain to avoid complaining (read swearing) about the heat.

The droplets of sweat tricking down the forehead, in this hot furnace like atmosphere just makes you want to dunk yourself in a bucket full of ice. While the sweltering heat does render the throat parched dry, staying hydrated is the solution. But wait before you grab your next cola! Though the chilled bubbly drinks may seem momentarily enticing, why don’t you beat the heat with these desi coolers?

Here are my top picks for the summer:
1. Lemonade/ Nimbu paani lime-soda-pop
A lemon wedge can add spitz to your drooping spirits. An instantly refreshing drink that you can have either Sweet or Salty or just have it sprinkled with some rock salt masala.
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2. Sugarcane juice/ Ganney ka ras
Sugarcane-JuiceAs the sugarcanes are passed through the pressing wheels, you just wait for the vendor to pour it over a glass of chilled ice. Chilled, sweet and simple, this is one perfect drink for any weary traveller. No wonder you will find them located just outside every railway station.
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3. Tender Coconut water/ Naariyal paani
Is not just for sick people! While you might not be able to judge the quantity of water or whether it will be sweet enough, it surely will work well for your body. And if you are lucky you might also get to eat some tender coconut from the shell.
Image credit: medindia


4. Falooda Falooda
A milk based drink with flavoured syrup, soaked chia seeds (sabja) and cooked vermicelli, topped with a scoop of ice cream. The falooda takes on a dual role of a refreshing drink as well as a dessert. The chia seeds are considered to have cooling properties. Soak them over night and have them the next day with a tall glass of cold milk.



5. Lassi/ Mango Lassi lassi
This yoghurt based creamy drink is a downright refresher after any spicy meal. Just to extract all the summer goodness from a glass, try the Mango flavoured Lassi. And after a glass of Lassi, do instagram your pic sporting the Lassi moustache 😉
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6. buttermilk Spiced Buttermilk/Chaas
If you find the thick and creamy lassi a bit too heavy, you can opt for the lighter non sweet version, spiced buttermilk/ Chaas. A dash of ginger and a bit of chilly can add enough zing to your drink. You can it plain as well, if you like.
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While the above mentioned are easily available, also look out for Aam Panna ( a drink made using raw mango pulp) and Kokum Sherbet.

Stay real cool this summer, opt for natural coolers!


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