Lessons on Baking Red Velvet


Baking is a lot more than following a recipe to the T. To me, Baking is so much more about learning through experience. Each time I bake, there is something new I learn.

Earlier this month, I baked over two dozen red velvet cupcakes (regular and mini). Now, this is not the first time I have baked Red Velvets. I have baked Red Velvet cupcakes before and it turned out ok. Yes, just ok, because what turned out good back then seems less compared to the cupcakes I bake now. I have improved 🙂 I have learnt a lot more.

two dozen cupcakes

Here are a few things, I’d like to share about Red Velvets.

1) Although the batter looks reddish, Red Velvets sometimes turn out brown! Yes, its true and others have faced this problem too, you can google. The main culprit here is the quality of colour used.
Always use liquid color, not the powdered form. I have used Tomato Red, Cochineal and Raspberry Red. Of the three, I am quite pleased with the colour that Raspberry Red gives.

Red velvet

2) Most recipes call for a lot of cocoa powder, making the cupcake taste chocolatey. I use just a tsp and half of cocoa powder for 12 cupcakes.

3) Using beaten curd instead of buttermilk, provides a nice soft texture.

4) Prepare a mixture of Red colour, beaten curd, cocoa powder. Use this mixture alternately while adding the flour.

5) Add the flour in 3 parts, mixing it completely after each addition. This ensures that there are no lumps formed while adding flour.

6) F – RM – F – RM – F (F= Flour, RM = Red mixture)

7) For the frosting, in case you find yourself in a hurry and decide to add icing sugar, butter and cream cheese together and then mix, you are doing it wrong and here is what your frosting will look like (a lumpy, runny batter)

Runny frosting mix/batter

Always beat the butter and icing sugar to a smooth mixture. Even if you over beat at this stage, it doesn’t matter. Once you have a smooth mixture, add the cream cheese and just beat it till the cream cheese has mixed evenly (see pic below). Over beating will again make the batter runny.

2013-12-14 08.27.10

8) Refrigerate the frosting for a while before you pipe it out, to get firm swirls.

Hope these pointers will help you make better Red Velvets.
Happy Baking 🙂


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