My trip to a little market in Mangalore

Mangalore is my native place. Growing up, I have spent many summers there. Playing in the paddy fields to picking fruits from the trees. It’s a small place. Each time I go back there is a sense of nostalgia. The small place is growing big. The place is changing and quickly. Once lush green fields have now vanished and commercial buildings can be spotted around. What it once was will always remain in my memories, but I decided to capture some moments before they are lost forever.

In Mangalore, mostly people are self sufficient. The surplus they have is sold in the local markets, either to the vendors or they sell the goods themselves. Mangaloreans love eating fish. Fresh or dried, it is an important part of the cuisine. For curries, a variety of fish curries are cooked in coconut milk.


Fresh fish being sold at the market.



Dried fish, also used to make curries and pickles.



In Mangalore, there is a huge demand for Betel nuts/ Areca nuts. Traditionally, they used to offer Paan (betel leaves and nuts) to welcome guests. These days they just use it symbolically during occasions. People who once had acres of fields now have plantations of these trees.


Palm sugar, used as a sweetner for payasam to filter coffees.


Down south, Tender coconut water is the refreshing drink you will find. Also, sadly this is slowly being replaced by colas.


Spices and condiments.


Earlier and some households even now make spice pastes for curries at home. Although now the shops have all the ready spice mixes available. Traditionally, a stone grinder was used (See next pic) but now electric mixers have replaced them.



Earthen ware. Cooking in earthen ware is considered to impart a unique flavour to the dish. Back in Mumbai, we still use earthen vessels like these for cooking fish.


You can even buy roosters and goats from the market.


These multi-purpose curved knives are used for shaving coconuts to cleaning fish.


Fruits from my aunts orchads. 🙂

I know the next time I visit, a lot more will have changed. *sigh*


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