Learning from Pinterest…I baked a White Chocolate Mud Cake

When something new starts, I am curious. I wouldn’t really say quickly but I do get on to the bandwagon.
With Pinterest I wasn’t really sure. I didn’t know what it was all about or how it would help me but I signed up anyways.


Obviously, the food & drink category was my go-to place. Checking out the lovely pictures that make you drool, Stumbling from one blog to another, getting inspired enough to go to the kitchen and cook something. I started bookmarking ( or rather pinning) recipes I wanted to try. And one of them was the White Chocolate Mud Cake.

white choco mud cake

“Melts in your mouth” was the description. Surely, that was enough to get my attention. Now, I must tell you that I have tried many recipes that I’ve got online. But many a times it doesn’t quite turn out the way they portray it.


I had never baked a cake with white chocolate before. So I felt it’s worth a try. And I’m glad I tried. It truly lives up to its description. My family and friends loved it.


I think it should be called – The Cake that Everyone Loves.
White Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe source
I’ve saved all the recipes I’ve tried and worked well, this one is the latest addition.



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