Baking for Charity…and Cookies for Sale!

We often go about our busy lives not realizing how fortunate we are. Not ungrateful, just to busy to notice.
But then there are people blessed differently. When you see them, you realize that you have far more even though you were just complaining about life sometime back.

Thank you lord

When I got to know that a few Good Samaritans are trying to raise funds for charity, I decided to join them. I cannot do something all on my own, but I can definitely help for a good cause, in my own little way. I can bake, baking is how I can contribute to society. Hence, I decided to join other home bakers for the Bake Sale.

Cowgirl cookies

Cowgirl cookies

I made three different types of cookies for the Bake Sale. Made one regular, one healthy and one eggless so that everyone finds something they like 🙂

The Cowgirl cookies/Sunshine cookies
Recipe source
Here, I just skipped pecans. Used Cadbury’s gems instead of M&M’s

Sunshine cookies

Sunshine cookies

Healthy Honey-Oat-Sesame cookies
Recipe source
*I used all purpose flour.

Healthy Honey-Oat-Sesame Cookies

Healthy Honey-Oat-Sesame Cookies

Eggless Chocolate Thumb-print cookies
Recipe source
Given the temperate in the recipe, I found the cookies were browning a bit too much too quickly. So I just baked them at 150 degrees C for 15 mins.

Eggless Chocolate Thumb-print cookies

Eggless Chocolate Thumb-print cookies

Baking is always something I enjoy. Packaging, Labeling and preparing for the sale was a whole different experience altogether. I do not have an established business, baking is just my hobby. So no printed cards/labels or ready packaging. But that should’nt stop me right? So with a little creativity, I made labels at home with decorative ribbons and coloured paper.


The Bake sale was a success. I learnt a lot about selling. Made a new friend – Jumana, she bakes and also takes cooking classes at home. Check out her venture on FB – Khana and Klicks.


2 thoughts on “Baking for Charity…and Cookies for Sale!

  1. Charlene Vaz

    Renita thanks again for being a part of ‘The Bake collective’ and volunteering with your yumm cookies and your precious time….. I had a chance of tasting the cowgirl cookies and the thumb print cookies and they were reallly yummy….the thumb print cookies especially melted in my mouth…..Pls share the recipe 🙂


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