Onam Sadhya/Onasadhya

Last week, I fell in love with South Indian food. A trip down south and I was so impressed with the food that I’ve been craving for it everyday. Simple and delicious is how I would categorize it. Oh vegetarian too!

Today, every Keralite household celebrates Onam. The harvest festival which also marks the homecoming of King Mahabali. It’s Onam and the best time to get south Indian food.

I learnt this afternoon that on this day every Keralite household will have Onam Sadhya. With repeated reference to the word Sadhya (Like restaurants offering Onam Sadhya, Onam Sadhya recipes, etc..) I found out that Sadhya means ‘banquet’ in Malayalam.

Did you know that a typical Onam Sadhya has approximately 20-30 dishes? And all these dishes are served as a single course on a plantain leaf.

Onam Sadhya



(Image Source)

Among all other dishes, I like the Sambaar, Avial, Papadum and Payasam.

P.S: If you are in Mumbai – Dakshin Culture Curry at Lokhandwala will have special Onam Sadhya Meals from 29th Aug till 5th Sep’ 12. Details. I havn’t eaten at this place so I’m not really sure how authentic it will be. But definitely worth a try.

Happy Onam! 🙂




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