Know your Pasta?

I was watching Masterchef Australia (Season 4). It was an elimination challenge comprising of 3 rounds:-

1) Know your Pasta – where contestants had to identify the different types of pastas

2) Make your Pasta – where contestants had to make their own pasta

3) Cook your Pasta – and finally contestants had to cook the pasta they had made.

I felt confident. I had cooked pasta before, although never really made it from scratch. In my mind, I started listing the Pastas I was familiar with. It’s like those quiz shows when a question is asked and one, who is just watching it, tries to answer just to feel like –  I’m so smart!

So my list included : Spaghetti, Penne, Linguine, Fusilli, Macaroni, Lasagne…ya that’s all. But on the table were so many different types of Pastas on display. So I wanted to know a bit more about it. My search led me to this really comprehensive chart that lists all the pastas. It’s a bit complicated, but if you really want to know your Pasta, there is nothing better than this. What kind of pasta is on your plate? by Charming Italy

(Click on the pic below to view enlarged image)



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